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 Solid Waste · Food Waste · Bio-Hazard · Recycling

Recycling/Waste Diversion, Logistics & Cost Reduction

Prowaste makes saving, Simple:

  1. Location specific savings programs designed by a 25 year industry insider.

  2. One-time low coaching fees Nation-wide.     (beginning fees dumpster: $295.00 / compactor: $495.00)  

  3. 98% of clients save with their current recycle/waste disposal vendor & current month.


For a complimentary savings assessment, simply email or text a recent invoice picture to: · 913.530.0755

"Prowaste Strategies offers comprehensive coaching programs for cost saving via waste diversion, energy conservation, food waste logistics.


Prowaste puts the knowledge of a 25 year industry veteran in your hands with a very cost effective & non-intrusive program.

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